Shower Dance

A warm thought about my Shower dance « family », it gives me so much joy to have you around. Every week we meet under a shower, we chat about everything, it’s a lot of fun.

The idea of creating Shower dance was born during this difficult covid time. I imagined a place where we take off our problems as we take off our clothes.

For me it was very important to have something different, where everyone talk on the chat and not only by IM. I wanted a friendly and relaxing place.

I don’t advertise much Shower dance, it grows little by little, I like to know each of you here.

Thank you to all the members of Shower dance and your precious feedback ♥


*Can we cuddle or more at Shower dance ?

Yes, it’s allowed and even more than allowed to be kinky at Shower dance ! All furnitures here (not only showers ) have the best cuddles and sex poses.

*Can we dance at Shower dance ?

Regularly there is a party organized at Shower dance with the best DJs and every time a new theme !

*Where to join Shower dance group ?

Actually closed