February 2th…….It’s my rez day !

February 2th...... it's my rez day ! (blog)

I started Second Life without any idea about it. A friend told me she read something about a world called SL, I was so curious, I wanted to discover it as soon as possible.

Strangely, the day I logged , February 2th 2007 (yes, 12 years !), I arrived on a German sim. Everyone around me was talking in German, that was not easy !

An avatar came to me and asked “Elemiah would you like to drive my car ?”. It sounded exciting but very complicated, so I drove less than one minute !

I noticed a lot of people were around me, but I was not able to see my avatar. Suddenly, someone messaged me “Elemiah, your avatar is naked, totally naked”.

I spent the next 2 days trying to see my avatar and to dress it : everywhere I went, I asked people “hey, can you tell me if I’m wearing some clothes please ?”. It is how I got a lot of bans. Anyway,  I was determinated to explore SL by myself…. And you, how was your first hours in Second Life ?

Head : .LeLutka. Bento Head-AIDA

Skin : Glam Affair Maewe [ Lelutka ] 006 @ UBER

Shape : .Elemiah.Shape. Lelutka/Maitreya LEL04

Earring : LaGyo_Let it be love @ Cupid inc event

Hair : TRUTH / Margarita

Pose : Foxcity

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