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Sway’s SPOTLIGHT (new Mainstore Event at Sway’s!) :

Sway’s [Andrea] Armchair . red

Sway’s [Andrea] Armchair . grey

Sway’s [Andrea] Table with decor

Sway’s [Andrea] Table Lamp . yellow

Sway’s [Andrea] Wall Art big . confetti

Sway’s [Andrea] Wall Art big . umbrella

Sway’s [Andrea] Wall Art small . translation

Sway’s @ The Gacha Garden :¬†Sway’s [Tick-Tock] Clock . Woods RARE

Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf

Apple Fall Mercantile Bookshelf – Double w/ Doors

-tres blah- Hodgepodge – Snail Mail (old gacha)

*HEXtraordinary* Antique Cherub Lamp

BUENO-Cat- Rez Me – Brown (old gacha)

:HAIKEI: Sentimental Reason  gacha / {4}

Elemiah :

Blueberry – Mood – Swimsuit – Maitreya

[BREATHE]-Ayane Heels-M.Lara @ The Gacha Garden

Tableau Vivant \\ Lock ‘n’ Roll [S]

Thank you very much LTD for choosing my pic as “pic of the day”

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