Mex Tex Fresh Purrito

Mex Tex Fresh Purrito (blog)

[Black Bantam] Mex Tex Fresh Purrito Gacha Set @ 6°Republic :

[Black Bantam] Too Cute To Eat Purrito RARE

[Black Bantam] Sauce Packet Spill Decor

[Black Bantam] Single Fry Decor

[Black Bantam] Crinkle Fries Pile Decor

[Black Bantam] Crinkle Fries Paper Boat Decor

[Black Bantam] Secret Sauce Dipper Decor

[Black Bantam] Too Cute To Drink Horchata Kitty Decor

Heels : Ingenue :: Sabina Heels (Maitreya) @ Collabor88

Skybox : elev8~Las Vegas Suite @ 6°Republic

Elemiah is wearing :

FOXCITY. Tasty AF (10) Nose Fries (Wear & Adjust) (The Epiphany April18)

TRUTH / Jacica (Group Gift)

Blueberry – Ace Tops – Crop Top – Maitreya

erratic / lily – ouvert panty / ivory (maitreya)

Ingenue :: Sabina Heels (Maitreya) @ Collabor88

Pose : Foxcity – Beach Bunny-2

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