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Being free Blog

Being free

RedFish – Eve tattoo @ Kinky event MAAI Yasmin bodysuit * Petite @ Kinky event – shanghai – Electra Earring Black @ Kinky event AZOURY – Blandies @ Kinky event RAWR! Fatal Rings @ Kinky event RAWR! Fatal Nails...

Lilith Blog


/ HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.0 [Glam Affair] Lilith Layer [Lelutka EvoX] Beige D @ Collabor88  [Glam Affair ] Lilith-  Alternative Lips – Beige [Glam Affair ] Lilith- Eye Bag – Beige Glam Affair – Lilith Ears –...

Where my finger points Blog

Where my finger points

R2 K/E/N Hokuto at Neo Japan tram K0227 / HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.0 at Skin Fair [Glam Affair]  Nina Layer [Lelutka EvoX] Beige D @ Uber taken at Drune Diesel City

Selly Blog


[Glam Affair]  Selly Layer [Lelutka EvoX] Ivory D @ Kustom9 Glam Affair – Selly Ears – Ivory [Glam Affair ] Selly Freckles  (B) 50% [Glam Affair ] Selly – Soft Lips – Ivory [Glam Affair...

Flowers have opened Blog

Flowers have opened

Seniha. Darsha Set at Fameshed .LeLutka. Head.Zora.2.5 [Glam Affair]  Zasha Layer [Lelutka] 005 D .mia.Zaza shape – Lelutka Zora 2.5 tram I1126b hair *LODE* Head Accessory – Julia [white] *LODE* Head Accessory – Oleander Branch [soft pink]

Small wedding party Blog

Small wedding party

ROZOREGALIA_VISCUM*TIARA & VEIL at Fameshed MICHAN  – Kiara Cuff @ Kinky event Kaithleen’s Welsch Satin Corset @ Kinky event .LeLutka. Head.Zora.2.5 [Glam Affair]  Zasha Layer [Lelutka] 005 D .mia.Zaza shape – Lelutka Zora 2.5 [Black Bantam] Kitten Bouquet @ Equal 10 tram J1213...

Raisa Blog


[Glam Affair]  Raisa Layer [Lelutka] 006 D @ Uber [Glam Affair ] Raisa Lips GLoss (C) [Glam Affair ] Raisa Freckles  (A) [Glam Affair ] Raisa EyeLiner (A) [Glam Affair ] Raisa – Eyes Bag 06...

Route 66 Blog

Route 66

[amc] Midwest sofa Teal [A] [C] @ Access I was in a nostalgic mood and I’m wearing here a vintage outfit I created in 2007 Pic taken at Mother road

Be my valentine Blog

Be my Valentine

neve dress – throb LaraPetite at Fameshed :::ChicChica::: Love Champagne @ Collabor88  LaGyo_Jetsetter Earrings – Gold @ Collabor88  LaGyo_Bangle – R Gold @ Collabor88  .LeLutka. Head.Zora.2.5 [Glam Affair]  Zasha Layer [Lelutka] 005 D .mia.Zaza shape – Lelutka Zora 2.5 tram J0731a hair