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[Glam Affair]Andie [Lelutka EvoX] Rose Kiss B at Uber [Glam Affair] Andie – Blush [Glam Affair] Andie – Eyes Makeup 1 / HEAD /  lel EvoX / AVALON 4.0 488 tram N0508 hair / FATPACK Faces...


“Off-Line” x “Zoella” Collection 2 / Megapack at Fameshed !!fat bonus!! tram N0425 hair2 at Uber LeLUTKA Billie Head 4.0 [Glam Affair] Nami [Lelutka EvoX] at The Fifty Faces by Elemiah – Mai shape for Lelutka Billie 4.0 Marketplace at Mirai Melody


[Glam Affair] Althea [Lelutka EvoX] Rose Kiss B at Uber [Glam Affair] Althea – Eyes Makeup 1 / HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.1 Phedora ~ Acacia Heels at Kustom9 !!fat bonus!! tram N0425 hair2 at Uber For...


Baiastice_Kadn Denim Outfit-All Colors+12×3 Bonus at Uber Baiastice_Kadn Booties-All Colors + 12 Bonus at Uber [Glam Affair] Adri [Lelutka EvoX] at  The Fifty / HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.1 SAPA poses 275, [Rezz Room] Poodle Toy Summer,[MANDALA]LEGENDS NEVER DIE...


[Glam Affair] Nila [Lelutka EvoX] Rose Kiss B at Uber  [Glam Affair] Nila Brows Toner Black 100% [Glam Affair] Nila – Face Gloss [Glam Affair] Nila Eyes Makeup 1 [Glam Affair] Nila Freckles Glam Affair...


[Glam Affair] Selune [Lelutka EvoX] Rose Kiss B at Uber  [Glam Affair] Selune – Lips Toner 6 [Glam Affair] Selune – Blush 50% [Glam Affair] Selune – Eyes Makeup 1 Glam Affair – Selune Shape...

Between every two pine trees

Baiastice _Pasha Suit-All Colors at Uber  Baiastice _Melian Shoes-All Colors at Uber  [Glam Affair] Alba [Lelutka EvoX] at Kustom9 / HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.1 at Borkum


Baiastice _Veronique Hat at Uber  Baiastice _Veronique Coat-All Colors at Uber  Baiastice _Veronique Dress-All Colors at Uber