Who is the boss ?

Who is the boss (blog)

Scene :

Sway’s for The Arcade (Sept 1st)

Sway’s [Workplace] Desk

Sway’s [Workplace] Chair . black RARE

Sway’s [Workplace] Paper Bin

Sway’s [Workplace] Laptop

Sway’s [Workplace] Notebook

Sway’s [Workplace] Pens and Pencils

Sway’s [Workplace] Coffee Mug . grey

Sway’s [Workplace] Table Lamp

Sway’s [Workplace] Pencil Jar

Sway’s [Workplace] Stack of Books

Sway’s [Workplace] Shelf

Sway’s [Workplace] Calendar

Sway’s [Workplace] Globe

Sway’s [Workplace] Succulent Portulacaria

Sway’s [Workplace] Succulent Echeveria

Sway’s [Workplace] Books and Bookend

Sway’s [Workplace] Picture Frame Wall . metal

Sway’s [Unicorn] Flowerpot with Succulent REWARD

The cat is from (fd) (old gacha) Cat Р08 Stretching

Elemiah is wearing :

BUENO-Cuff Jeans-Mat-Denim @ Kustom9

BUENO-Olivia Wrap-Mat @ Kustom9

Stories&Co. Reverse Vneck – Oui Maitreya @ Collabor 88

Head : Lelutka – Chloe 3.0

Skin : Glam Affair – Nicola (Lelutka applier) Asia @ Kustom9

Hair : Tableau Vivant \\ Rossella hair [common] @ The Arcade (Sept 1st)

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